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CKF Navigator Resources for Clients

For the Uninsured or ER clients: 

Health Clinics - Free or Sliding Fee

SJC County - 

Elkhart County - 

Marshall County - 

Dental Resources- 


What should I bring to my appointment?
Know the legal names, dates of births and Social Security numbers for your family living in your household.
Proof of Indiana residency (name & address on official document) & 
Proof of 
citizenship (usually ID & birth certificate).
Proof of income if you have it: month of pay stubs, Social Security statements, previous year's taxes, etc. for the whole household. If zero income, write a letter stating so.

If you do not have all of these items, you MUST know your name, DOB, address in Indiana, & income for your family to apply.  
Call 844-425-3253 with questions.

Client Hand Outs
Coming Soon

Helping with MCE Selection

HHW - Four Plan Comparison Sheet - 2017

HIP Plan Comparison Sheet

For Clients: 

Information to get when you call in a payment:

Company: ____________________________________

Date: ____________________________________

Confirmation Number: ________________________________

Person you talked to: _________________________________

Ask them for your ID #: _______________________________

Michigan Resident? 


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