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       The Breast Health Programs are a part of United Health Services,
       a non-profit organization that provides healthcare programs and
       support services for northern Indiana.

       In coordination with local hospitals and healthcare providers,
       the Breast Health Programs facilitate community, state and federal
       funds to provide free mammography and diagnostic services for
       medically underserved or uninsured men and women in the

                        ♦♦♦ EARLY DETECTION IS THE BEST PROTECTION!


                                Dedicated to improving the breast health
                                                     of men and women
                                                    in northern Indiana,
                                            the Breast Health Programs
                                                 United Health Services 
                                                       provide education,
                                      individualized care management
                                                         and access to
                                                    medical resources
                                  for the early detection of breast cancer.


for your
Partnership in our Cause!
We are grateful for your continued support
to help us assist uninsured men and women
in our community!

       Kelly Cares Foundation

South Bend Fire Department

Clay Township Fire Fighters Local 1630


Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust

Mishawaka Fire Department

Breast Cancer Support & Advocacy




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