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** We are looking for an audiologist! **
Not for profit agency is seeking a licensed audiologist to work in a community setting. Responsible for providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for children and adults to remove communication barriers.  Doctor of Audiology or Master Degree required. Please submit resumes to mheck@uhs-in.org.

Hearing Services

Approximately 32 million Americans currently suffer from hearign loss.  Only 37% of this number are at retirement age.

Good hearing is important to people of all ages.  That's why, no matter what your age, you can come to the Hearing and Speech Center for help.

Audiology Client Testimonials

"Taking minutes at meetings is a very large part of my job as Executive Assistant. About a year ago, I noticed increased hearing loss that was making it very difficult to do my job. On a personal level, I felt embarrassed that I couldn't join in conversations because I couldn't hear the discussions. I felt very isolated. When my specialist told me it was time to look at hearing aids, I contacted United Health Services Hearing & Speech Center. It was the best call I could have made! Mary Jo was empathetic and knowledgeable. She was also so helpful...even looking into all options for assistance in purchasing the hearing aids! My life has changed dramatically over the past year! I love my hearing aids and the UHS Hearing & Speech Center!" -- Luann W.

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About our Audiologist

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