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You know your child has limitless potential.

Hearing or speech problems can slow the development of any child.  That's why the Hearing and Speech Center offers services that will maximize your child's full potential.

Your child's comprehensive speech-language evaluation will determine the type and extent of any speech or language difficulties.  You and your child's physician will receive a full report after the completion of the evaluation.

Individual speech-language therapy will improve any areas where your child might be struggling.  Personalized, one-on-one sessions, in addition to take home exercises address specific communication needs and provide the caring environment your child needs to succeed.


About our Speech Pathologist:

Elizabeth K. Ready, M.A., CCC-SLP

Elizabeth (a.k.a. Crissy)
graduated from Michigan State University with a Master of Arts degree in Speech and Language Pathology.  She has practiced speech and language pathology in Michigan, Texas, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and now Indiana.  She has worked in both private and public school settings and clinical settings.  Her primary focus includes language development, cognitive-communication disorders, speech and sound disorders and social language pragmatics.  Crissy provides speech and language assessments, consultations, screenings and therapy for children of all ages.

Crissy also heads up our Early Intervention and Training (E.I.T.) program.


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