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Return on Investment

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects your body’s ability to convert sugar into the energy you need to function properly. Many people don’t realize that diabetes is both a serious and expensive medical condition. In fact, diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in Indiana. More than 20,000 people in Michiana are currently at risk for dangerous health complications including blindness, heart attacks and strokes because they can’t afford medication, insulin and other testing supplies required to safely manage their diabetes, which costs 2 ½ times more than healthcare for a non-diabetic.


For many people suffering from diabetes in this community, the Diabetes Resource Center is the only place they can turn to for free testing supplies, financial assistance for medication, health screenings, diabetes awareness activities, individual support in self-management, and a host of educational programs focusing on nutrition and diet, exercise, insulin administration, medication regimens and overall lifestyle changes.  


The Diabetes Resource Center helps sustain the health of the community in three distinct ways:


·         The Diabetes Resource Center provides more financial assistance to people in Michiana than any non-profit program in the community. Each year the Diabetes Resource Center helps underinsured and underserved people navigate the complex medical system to receive $500,000 worth of free and discounted medication they otherwise couldn’t afford and likely wouldn’t know was available. Without this help, many of these people would be forced to live without their proper medications, and consequently, suffer potentially fatal health complications.


·         The Diabetes Resource Center offers the highest social return-on-investment of any non-profit program in the community. The Diabetes Resource Center provides more than $600,000 in annual healthcare services to people living in Michiana, yet receives only approximately $75,000 in support, most of which comes from the United Way, private donors and fundraising like the Bad Pants Open. This means every dollar donated to the Diabetes Resource Center provides $17 in healthcare support.


·         The Diabetes Resource Center saves taxpayers money. When people suffering from diabetes can’t afford testing supplies or insulin, they’re forced to rely on Emergency Room visits to sustain their health. The average diabetes-related ER stay is $1,100 and the average diabetes-related hospital stay is $6,400. These costs are often passed on to the taxpayer. The Diabetes Resource Center provides free testing supplies, insulin and education programs that significantly reduce the number of diabetes-related ER visits and hospital stays, saving taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each year.


Each year healthcare costs rise, forcing more and more people who suffer from diabetes to turn to the Diabetes Resource Center for help. Funded only in part by the United Way, the Diabetes Resource Center depends greatly on the support of private donations and the Bad Pants Open to ensure people in our community receive the testing supplies, medication and education that will enable them to safely manage their diabetes and live healthy, productive lives.



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