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Below are testomonials of our clients from the audiology department of the Hearing and Speech Center. 

I have spent most of my early career in high-noise environments in various manufacturing sectors. So it was no surprise when I learned that I was a strong candidate for hearing aids. After all, close friends and relatives have been hinting at this for years. Still, after attending a brief educational seminar and later being tested by the audiologist at the Hearing and Speech Center in Granger, I was reluctant to make the commitment.

Luckily for me I did so, for the very minute after I was fitted for the hearing aids, I immediately realized the difference in the world around me. The sounds I heard were crisp and clear. The range of hearing from low to high had increased much more than I had ever hoped to expect. As for the hearing aids themselves, I noticed no discomfort in the fit. In fact, I put them on every morning and only remove them when I go to bed each night. The style that the audiologist recommended for me are virtually invisible to all those around me, and most people aren’t even aware that I am wearing them. This is by far one of the smartest decisions and investments I have made.

I recommend to all who might be considering hearing improvement to visit the Hearing and Speech Center for a consultation. You won’t regret it."

~ Don C., Granger, Indiana

"After I purchased my hearing aids at the Hearing and Speech Center, I have been very pleased with the ability of the staff to meet my needs for scheduling adjustments, and the audiologist’s ability to customize my hearing aid to meet the variety of listening situations I encounter through my days. This has been an ongoing process, getting better at each visit.

The audiologist listened carefully to my concerns and helped me decide which hearing aids would work best for me and what wireless technology would best meet my telephone and television needs. It has been amazing to me to discover blue tooth connectivity directly to my hearing aids so that I can drive and hear phone conversation directly in my hearing aids, totally hands free.

When I take my hearing aids out at night, I am amazed at how poorly I was hearing before I got my hearing aids. I am very happy I purchased my hearing aids from the Hearing and Speech Center, and was delighted to get the discount available to me for being a member of Teachers Credit Union.

Some of my friends have bought expensive hearing aids which ended up in the drawer and were never worn. I am happy to say the services and counseling I received at the Hearing and Speech Center prevented my hearing aids from ending up in the drawer."

~ Lynn M., Indiana

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