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Redetermination is more important than ever due to lock outs that will affect all HIP populations but the medically frail and pregnant women.  A person should turn in the information requested as soon as possible.  If not turned in their insurance will be suspended.  If they still do not turn in the information requested within 90 days, they will experience an additional 3 month lock out without access to coverage. UPDATE: Lock outs are currently on pause and will not go into affect due to paperwork. Please check back with us for any changes. 

Please encourage your clients to keep track of approval dates and paperwork that could be important.  They need to update the FSSA of any phone or address change immediately so they receive all communications and do not miss their redetermination.  They can do this by calling the FSSA at  800-403-0864 opt 1, opt 8, enter their zip code and hit 1 to confirm and talk to a live person.  They will need to have their case or Social Security number to do so. 

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