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FOR Indiana FSSA

Calling in to talk to a live person 1-800-403-0864, opt 1, opt 8, zip code, #1 to confirm. 

Application          Interchange         Agency Portal 


MAGI Med 3 with 5 percent disregard  

HIP Income Guidelines website to show clients

HIP Helpful Tools Page   


QMB Guidelines - SHIP's page 

State Eligibility Program Listings   

FSSA Income Chart  - Jan 2020  

Fast Track Payment Calculator

CHIP & HHW costs (no matter the MCE) 

1 child - $22-53, 2+ $33-70
CHIP Payments made to 855-765-8672 - no matter the MCE
OR they can pay by mail OR online  -

Anthem - 1-866-408-6131        Transportation: Logisticare 844-772-6632              
CareSource - 1-844-607-2829             Transportation:Call, choose transportation option

MDwise - 1-800-356-1204              Transportation: Call, choose transportation option
MHS - 1-877-647-4848        Transportation: Call MHS, say transportation


Package E Coverage  


PE Presentation with Answers to Coverage (made by FSSA)


Maximus - Enrollment Brokers 

877-438-4479 - HIP   Fax: 317-238-3120

800-889-9949 - Hoosier Healthwise

866-963-7383 - Hoosier Health Care Connect


IHCP Quick Reference Guide with Phone Numbers 

FULL Medicaid Transportation - 855-325-7586


Find A Doctor STATE (PCP)
Anthem              CareSource  
MDWise             MHS
Traditional Medicaid 

Preferred Drug List
Anthem    CareSource  
MDWise   MHS


Anthem Pharmacy Member Services

HCC 1-833-235-2024 / HHW 1-833-205-6007  /HIP 1-833-205-6007

DentaQuest - Find a Dentist

VSP - Find Vision 


HIP Card Information
Anthem                   CareSource
ID : your RID #       ID : your RID #

GRP - WKXA          GRP - RX6421

PCN - MA               PCN - MCAIDADV

BIN - 003858          BIN - 004336   

MDWise                   MHS
D : your RID #         ID : your RID #

GRP - MDW             GRP - Rx5440

PCN - ASPROD1     PCN - mcaidadv

BIN - 003585            BIN - 004336

Indiana Medicaid

BIN - 001553   PCN - INM


Client FSSA Sheets / Forms
Employer Wages                 Self-Employment
Voluntary Withdrawal          SNAP app
Full Time Student paperwork   Affidavit under 16 

United Health Services Forms

Case Status 
Generic UHS AR 

Client Intake

Privacy Form - UHS  

Consent Form CKF-IN  

Household Comp

Client Attestation

Employer Authorization Income Letter

Information Release 

Attempts for employer income verification
UHS Navigator - Reporting Sheet

Website - Federal Poverty Guidelines 


BCCP Guidelines


See Plans Before Applying     


Special Enrollment Periods


SEPs during the crisis -tip sheet  

Penalties and Fees for no insurance (2018 taxes and before)    

Income to Count 

Paper Applications - so you know all the questions you need to ask or they can complete in advance - also multiple languages

Immigration Documents Reference


Ambetter - 1-877-687-1182

CareSource - 

Find a Physician:
Ambetter    CareSource
Plan Forumularies
Ambetter     CareSource