Federal Marketplace Insurance

Open enrollment is open November 1st

through December 15th only!!

call to schedule today: 574-314-5430


Go to HealthCare.gov to enroll. 

Helpful Terms & Definitions

Open Enrollment: This is the time where anybody can apply to the Federal Marketplace if they live in the states it covers.  Indiana residents not eligible for state insurance, should apply during this time. 

Special Enrollment Period: This is the 60 days before or after a life changing event that occurs to your household.  This could include: losing insurance coverage, death, birth, move to a different county, drastic income change, incarceration release and more. See if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Premium Tax Credit:  Check to see what your Premium Tax Credit may be

Cost Sharing Reduction: Enrollees with a household income less than 250% may qualify for additional savings with reduced, deductibles, out of pocket maximums and co-insurances. Also listed as "extra savings".

Healthcare.gov Glossary 

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