Client Support Services

Each diabetic is different and each case is looked at one-by-one to create a care management plan that will work for the client. The DRC attempts to get each person in long term assistance or insurance by facilitating the enrollment process of federal, state, national and local programs.

The Diabetes Resource Center can answer your self-management questions and give support.  Our staff is up to date on new glucose meters and testing information. The DRC staff  is aware of Indiana and Federal laws regarding diabetics and are current on Medicare and Medicaid supply coverage. 

The Diabetes Resource Center also has many resources that will save you money on your medication and supplies.  Please check out our resource page.

With help from physicians across the region, the Diabetes Resource Center has been able to place on average 100 people into patient assistance programs a year.  This allows local diabetics to get their medications and supplies directly from the pharmaceutical company who manufactures it bringing in over $300,000 worth of medication each year.  Each company has their own rules and eligibility standards so please contact the Client Services Manager if you need a referral or assistance at 574-314-5422. 


Financial Assistance Program

The Diabetes Resource Center has a limited ability to provide insulin samples, coupons and diabetic supplies from the office. Items are available if they are in stock and the person is meets program requirements. 

Diabetes Education
The Diabetes Resource Center has diabetes education materials available for pick up at the office.  If you call ahead, a packet based upon your interest will be prepared.  We also have some books & cookbooks which can be checked out of our collection.  We do not have a diabetes educator on staff at this time. 


INDIANA WISEWOMAN is a state program run by United Health Services and the Diabetes Resource Center in north central Indiana. 
View the program's webpage here