Resources for Diabetics

Medication Assistance

Our client advocate can help local people print coupons and discount cards to reduce the cost of medications and complete the forms for free medications properly.

Please call us at (574) 314-5422. 

Metformin & generic Lipitor are both free at any Meijer Pharmacy

Discount cards for commercial/employer or ACA insurance or the uninsured for insulin will reduce your co-pays & out of pocket costs. They cannot be used with Medicare or Medicaid.    Lantus  Apidra   Toujeo 

These can only be used alongside insurance.   Basaglar    Novolog    Levemir    Tresiba  

Humalog & Humulin's discount information. using you'll receive 40% off cash price. 

Sam's club offers discounts to members on Novolog and Levemir.  For members only.  Prices are still very high but less than standard pharmacy cash prices. 

If you are Novolin or Humulin NPH, Regular or 70/30, the least expensive place to buy is at Wal-Mart Pharmacies under then Reli-On brand name where the cash price is under $25!  Prescriptions are required.

Here are coupons for other injectables:  Bydureon  Byetta & Symlin   Trulicity  Victoza

Farxiga has a discount card for people with commercial or employer insurance.

Januvia and Janumet regular and XR have a free 30 day coupon online. It can only be used once a lifetime. Afterwards there is a discount card to use alongside employer or individual insurance. 

Invokana has a discount card for people with commercial or employer insurance.

Tanzeum will be phased out and discontinued by mid-2018 by the manufacturer. Read more about it here

As of July 1, 2014 no insulin is available over the counter or for retail without a prescription in the state of Indiana. This was approved by the Indiana General Assembly through motion HB1218 which is paraphrased here.   

Xubex mail order pharmacy has many free trials of prescriptions. Make sure to circle NR for no refill. The form must be signed by both the patient and the physician. 

Federal Drug Administration's rules on how to dispose of unused medications.


Drop 2 Stop - Martins and the 525 Foundation collaboration to provide drop boxes for unused medication.  This is not for used syringes.  

Local Locations for Pill Destruction 

Elkhart Drop-Off Locations for Drugs/Medications  

Scam Alert - There are many companies that assist people with medication assistance programs, and unfortunately there are companies that scam diabetics. Be diligent about keeping your information private.  Only release it if you know who you are talking to and write down their name, the company name and contact phone number any time you do talk to somebody on the phone.

Syringes & Needles

BD Syringe Assistance Program

Guidelines for Sharps/Syringes Disposal in Indiana

See if you are eligible for a free sharps container through Taltz Together.

Drop off used needles in a puncture proof container on the 1st Saturday of every month in Elkhart, Indiana.

Home Glucose Meters & Testing               

Tracking your blood glucose numbers:   Sept. 2019   Oct. 2019   Nov. 2019   Dec. 2019   

Freestyle Lite Promise Discount Program

Contour Next Discount Card 

Get a free Accuchek Meter 

Accucheck Guide Program - 100 strips $29.99 with card

Reli-on Test Strips - 50 test strips are only $9 at Walmart Pharmacies! Prime & Premier brands.

GE Test Strips - 50 test strips are only $9.99 (get the meter free with the first purchase) at Martin's Pharmacies!

Indiana Medicaid & Healthy Indiana Plan's Approved Glucose Meters

Sam's Club offers free Bayer meters (Contour, Contour Next & Breeze 2) to members with a prescription along with discount prices on test strips.

Smoking Cessation

Click here for a list of locations in St. Joseph or Elkhart County who help people stop smoking!

If you are a diabetic who smokes it increases your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.  Click here to download a brochure from the state of Indiana about smoking and diabetes. 

Clinical Studies

Beacon Health
South Bend Clinic
St. Joseph Regional Medicine Center  
Dr. Laura Helman

FDA drug recalls, shortages and new safety information

If you need an additional resources or have more questions, please email us via the Contact Us page.