Finding information on the internet for nutrition can be hard.  Where do you start?  Who do you trust?  Here are some tips we give to help people make good choices. 

-Do Not Pay: While there are some great programs available (like Weight Watchers or TOPS) which require payment, you can find the basics and nutrition information without paying.  Those programs have models and support systems which you are receiving for the payment.  The food and tips can be found elsewhere. Also many websites will offer you a free account to create a food diary or calorie tracker with free apps for a smart phone. 
-No Quickie Results: If it sounds too good to be true, it might be.  Getting healthy or losing weight takes some time.  Any websites telling you the results will be overnight or within a week, are probably not your best bet.
-Beware of Trend Diets: Our bodies need each food group to run properly. Cutting out major catergories of food can be hard and any results usually don't last long. 
-If you have questions, ask a physician, nurse or dietician! 

    Quick Tip Guides

CDC WISEWOMAN Website Nutrition Tips

Tips for Portion Control & Losing Weight

-It turns out size matters when it comes to your plate!  Eating on a smaller plate will keep you from overeating at meals.  
-Keep serving dishes off the table you are eating at to keep from quick plate refills. Or pack your leftovers before sitting down to eat to make it harder to get seconds you don't need.
-Eat MINDFULLY!  Don't fill up your fork until your previous bite is swallowed. Turn off the television.  
-Simple ways to cut calories without extreme dieting. 

Additional Help within WiseWoman

WISEWOMEN participants are eligible for some additional nutrition programs through our partners if they have cardiac or diabetic risk factors. 

New Leaf Health Coaching via United Health Services

Purdue Extension's Small Steps to Health

YMCA - Diabetes Prevention Program