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Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors Initiative

The Suicide Prevention Center has started a "Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors" or LOSS Team in St. Joseph County.  This program differs from other support services for survivors in several ways.  When a suicide death is confirmed, the LOSS Team reaches out to survivors to let them know that they are not alone.  They are not only given immediate comfort but also a list of resources available to them in the community.  The team is comprised of survivors, health care professionals and members of the community who are interested in helping others deal with the tragic death of a loved one.

Studies have shown that survivors who are contacted immediately or very soon after the death of a loved one will seek out other services much quicker than if they are left on their own. 


Please contact Barbara Gulbranson at 574-247-6047 ext. 120 or by email at bgulbranson@uhs-in.org for more information or if you are interested in becoming a LOSS Team member in St. Joseph County.