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Medicaid ER Information


Emergency Medicaid Coverage is provided to people who meet all the requirements of an Indiana Health Coverage Program but immigration requirements. 


Medicaid ER patients are only covered at hospitals in the ER or in-patient if it is a true emergency.  It will protect them from hospital bills and the hospital from treating an uninsured patient.  

Indiana released a bulletin on Medicaid ER - Emergency Services Only in December of 2019.


Remember, a parent and child may have different insurances.  So even if a parent is eligible for only ER benefits, their child may get full Hoosier Healthwise depending on citizenship. 


There is a special package for permanent legal residents who are pregnant called Package B.  This covers pre-natal and postpartum care the same as Hoosier Healthwise. It does not cover any other medical care but that related to pregnancy. 


If somebody is a permanent legal resident, they may be eligible for full coverage through Marketplace insurance at healthcare.gov.  They will receive the tax discounts based upon income.