Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries

Do you need help paying for your Medicare prescription coverage?

There are two main programs that help pay for your Medicare.

1 - Medicare Low Income Subsidy / Extra Help  -  Guidelines

Through the Federal government, Social Security
Pays up to $32.06 towards your Part D plan premium monthly (Indiana residents, states may vary)
Reduces the amount of co-oay costs
Reduces annual deductible if applicable
Sign up online here.

2 - Medicare Savings Program

Through the state, FSSA for Indiana
Pays anywhere from 25-100% of the Part B premium monthly
May reduce the annual deductible for Part B. May pay for your Medicare A & B co-insurances. 
Can enroll by signing up for LIS above, by doing a state insurance application or by doing a paper application.
If you need help, call Covering Kids & Families of United Health Services at 574-314-5430.

Read more about this for Indiana


2018 Medicare Part D plans in Indiana with $0 premium if you recieve 100 % Low Income Subsidy benefits.  

When will I enter the Coverage Gap / Donut Hole???

Did you miss signing up for a prescription plan and need medications?  Call us to see if you are eligible for a patient assistance program through the manufacturer.  Lauren 574-314-5422.  

Do you have Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is a national program to help Seniors and Medicare Recipients stay active.  They will pay for gym memberships at select locations.  

Indiana Health Plan Providers of Silver Sneakers
AARP Medicare Suppliement Insurance Plan
Aetna Medicare
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield