Breast Health Programs


Patient Advocacy & Support Services 

You don't have to fight breast cancer alone.                  The Patient Advocacy Program provides you
with assistance every step of the way, from                diagnosis through recovery. Your Patient
advocate can answer questions, accompany                  you to doctor visits, join you during chemotherapy
treatments, locate support groups and other                valuable resources to help you deal with the side
effects during treatment. Most of all, your patient advocate has been there herself and is someone
you can always count on during your journey to recovery.

You may also qualify for gas and grocery cards        while in treatment for breast cancer. To see if you      are eligible, call 574-314-5433 today!

Patient Support Services funded by our generous partners:   

Clay Fire Cares

College of Arts & Letters at Notre Dame 

Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust

Mishawaka Fire Department

P!nk Survivors

South Bend Fire Department  




Through the "Clay Fire Cares" campaign, helps provide support services (gas/grocery cards) to patients who are in treatment for breast cancer and are income eligible.



Provides clinical breast exams, mammograms and diagnostic services for women in St. Joseph
County who do not qualify for the state Breast and Cervical Cancer program. Support services are available (gas/grocery/pharmacy gift cards) for women who have breast cancer and are income eligible.



Free screening mammograms are provided to medically underserved women in Goshen, ages 40 to 49, as well as provide emotional support for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients by linking them with other survivors.



Provides screening mammograms and diagnostic services to uninsured women who are not eligible for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. Support services (gas/grocery cards) are also available for women who are in treatment for breast cancer and are income eligible.



Provides diagnostic service assistance (mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy) for uninsured
women under the age of 30. Advocates for women who have been diagnosed with breast
cancer through treatment and beyond.



Provides screening mammograms for uninsured women, ages 40-49, who would otherwise be unable to afford an annual mammogram.



A state program facilitated by United Health Services, for women ages 30-64 who are uninsured and under 200% of poverty. May provide pap, clinical breast exams and screening mammograms based on age critera. Indiana residents only.                              Contact us at 574-247-6053.


United Health Services is the local administrator of the above programs.
To see if you qualify and to be enrolled in these programs, please contact Kim @ 574-314-5433 or email @